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Paying Florida SunPass tolls just got easier

In three quick and easy steps, you will be on your way to using SunPass toll roads, without requiring a toll tag.
Provide your phone number and get started!
Quick and Easy Registration
Simply provide the license plate details for each vehicle you would like to register and pay a one time fee of $5 for each one. After that, just pay your tolls on time to retain membership.
No Toll Transponder Required
tapNpay makes it easy to pay tolls, without needing a toll transponder/tag. Just register, drive the toll roads, approve your invoice and we take care of the rest
Pay your tolls on your mobile using text
Simply drive the SunPass toll roads, approve daily charges via SMS/Text, and pay using your payment choice (and there a lots to choose from)

See How It Works

Once you register your vehicles license plate, your tolls can be charged to either Apple Pay, Google Pay, Credit or Debit card, or PayPal. If you can text on your phone, you can pay on your phone! Registering from your phone is simple, takes only a few minutes.
Step 1
Sign up – select your toll payment method of choice, and you’re on your way
Step 2
It’s time to hit the road! After you’ve completed your registration, simple drive any Florida SunPass toll road (except around Orlando) and receive a text notification to approve your daily transaction
Step 3
Review your toll charges and approve them. Then select the payment method, and you’re done. Easy Peasy.


What is tapNpay?
tapNpay is a service that allows pay by plate customers who travel on Sunpass operated toll roads to pay for tolls on their cell phone bill, Google Pay, Apple Pay or Credit/Debit Card.
How does it work?
After registering your license plate, you will receive a text message with a link to review and authorize payment for your toll invoice within 24 hours of using a Sunpass operated toll road.
How much do tolls cost with tapNpay?
The toll charge is the price posted on the toll road for the journey you take. There is a 15% surcharge to cover the costs of handling the transaction on your behalf. There are no additional charges beyond the 15% added as long as you pay on time.
How long does it take to get a bill to be sent to me?
After you’ve driven the SunPass toll roads it could take up to 2 weeks before we text you a notification that your toll bill is ready to be paid. Don’t worry, you will still have 23 hours to pay your bill once you receive the text from us.
My account was deactivated before I could approve my toll payment.
Toll payment approval is required within 23 hours from the first invoice you receive. If you would like to be reinstated to use tapNpay in the future, please go to Contact Us and send us a message.
Will it work on any cell phone?
It will work on smartphones, tablet devices and personal computers with internet access.
What is the advantage to using tapNpay?
You will receive your toll bill for approval within 24 hours. You don't have to have a toll tag. No worries about late fees for toll road violations and there are multiple payment options to choose from including PayPal, Venmo, ApplePay, GooglePay and Credit/Debit card.
Will it work on any Toll road in Florida or nationwide?
tapNpay is available for the toll roads operated by Sunpass which is Florida Turnpike Enterprise, Miami Dade Expressway and Tampa Hillsbourgh Expressway Authority roadways.
Do I need to have a Florida license plate?
No. It will work with any U.S. state license plate.
Is this a type of toll tag?
No. tapNpay is a payment service that does not require a toll tag to pay for your tolls.
What if I have a toll tag already?
If you currently have a toll tag, you are already paying the lowest rate available for your tolls. There is no reason to sign up for tapNpay.
Do I have to register/sign up?
Yes. The process is simple.
How do I register or signup?
Text your license plate number to 1-800-252-2256.
What does it cost to register/signup?
It costs $5 to register each vehicle. This is a one time charge and payment is required at the end of the registration process. For a limited time, we are inviting Florida drivers to register for free This promotion is scheduled to end on March 15th, 2022.
What happens if I sell my car or buy a new one?
If you sell your existing vehicle and do not transfer the license plate from that vehicle to your new vehicle you can login into your account and de-register that license plate. You can also add your new license plate at the same time.
I have toll violation notices. Can I pay those with tapNpay?
Transactions that occurred prior to signing up for tapNpay must be settled with your current account with the toll agency. However, any tolls after registering with tapNpay will be paid with the service.
Will I still get toll invoices in the mail?
You may still get invoices from the toll agency for any balances still owed for tolls prior to the start of your tapNpay account. You will get e-invoices from tapNpay while you are participating in the tapNpay system, provided you approve your e-invoices within the allotted timeframe.
We drive multiple vehicles. Can I have all those vehicles on the same account?
Yes, all vehicles registered using the same cell phone number will be on the same tapNpay account.
Will it work if I drive a motorcycle?
tapNpay works with any vehicle.
Who do I contact for help with my account?
Go to tapNpay.biz and click on the “Contact Us” feature. If it's a question or a dispute about a charge, you can use tapNpay to dispute the charge.
How much time do I have to pay tolls with tapNpay?
Payment approval is required within 23 hours from the first invoice you receive.
What if I already have another toll payment service or have a SunPass?
If you no longer want to have a SunPass tag, and would prefer to use tapNpay as a payment method instead, you will need to notify SunPass and remove the vehicle license plate from the SunPass account before registering for tapNpay. If you are currently using another fleet service, you will need to remove your license plate from that account before registering for tapNpay and paying the non-refundable registration fee.
How can I find previously approved toll bills in tapNpay?
Go to https://tapnpay.biz, enter your phone number and the pin you will receive via text. Once logged in, you can navigate to your current invoice or see your previous paid invoices.
Can I make changes to my SunPass tag through tapNpay?
tapNpay is a toll payment facilitator, making it easy to pay your untagged SunPass tolls using a variety of payment methods. tapNpay is not associated with SunPass or the Florida Department of Transportation and cannot answer any questions associated with you current SunPass tag.
What amount can I charge with tapNpay?
Invoices less than $.50 are typically rejected by payment processors. For this reason, tapNpay will only notify you when your total invoice balance is more than $.50. There is no upper limit for toll charges.
Can I change my payment method?
Yes. Login at https://tapnpay.biz, go to Profile then tap "Change Payment Method."
My account was deactivated before I could approve my toll payment.
Toll payment approval is required within 23 hours from the first invoice you receive. If you would like to be reinstated to use tapNpay in the future, please go to Contact Us and send us a message.
How can I add a license plate to my account?
Simply text the new license plate number 1-800-252-2256 and follow the prompts. Registering the plate with your phone will allow you to pay for tolls for the new vehicle as well as the original vehicle on the account.
How can I remove a license plate from my account?
Go to https://tapnpay.biz, enter your phone number and the pin you will receive via text. Once logged in, navigate to the "My Account" page in the menu. There you can deregister the license plate from your account. Another option is to text your license plate number to 1-800-252-2256 and choose the "Remove" option when prompted.

Contact Us

Our staff is here when you need us. Whether you have questions on how to subscribe to tapNpay or questions on your invoice.

Why use tapNpay

We’ve created a new mobile payment option to make Florida SunPass toll payments more convenient and accessible for pay-by-mail customers. Register your license plate number through SMS/Text, answer a few questions, drive the roads, approve daily charges (via text), and pay by your favorite method (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Credit Card, Debit Card, or PayPal). The service only costs $5.00 one-time registration fee to join.

All you need to get started is a phone that can text, and any of the payment methods we offer. Then voila, your ready to drive the Florida SunPass roads right away!